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I’m so incredibly grateful
It was most necessary for me to get my parents and children back, and Drug Rehab Glendale has weekly family visitation and education where they will find out about addiction and how to assist addicts in recovery. If I hadn’t called Drug Rehab Glendale’s hotline for help then I didn’t know if I'd have gotten my family or life back. I’m so incredibly grateful.
, Glendale May 19, 2011

I could have a happier life
Rehab gives you the opportunity to end the self-destruction! If you don’t go to rehab it's pretty much a guarantee that you'll continue to use drugs or alcohol, getting nowhere in life aside from possibly prison. If you consider all of the people who you hurt or pushed away because of drugs or alcohol, you realize that you have to earn their trust back. Drug Rehab Glendale gave me hope that I could fix the relationships with my family and friends, and that I could have a happier life.
, Glendale Sep 16, 2011

Sober living home after treatment
For me, collaborating in the 12-step community was really essential, and so was transitioning right into a sober living home after treatment. The staff and counselors at Drug Rehab Glendale are there to assist you, however you must give in to their suggestions. People there really know what they’re talking about, and they’re all intent on helping you if you let them.
, Glendale Mar 23, 2012

It’s important to WANT to be there
Living there helps you focus on your recovery and keeps you tuned into why you are there. It’s important to WANT to be there, and do what they instruct even when you don’t believe it makes sense. There are many people at Drug Rehab Glendale who know the way to help you get sober, so pay attention to them.
, Glendale Feb 22, 2011

Supporting one another
I used to try to get sober by myself, and wondered how others did it. Now I know what must be done - I have to have a support network. I ended up exchanging contact information with my housemates and counselors so we could continue supporting one another outside of rehab. Drug Rehab Glendale has an extremely compassionate and knowledgeable staff.
, Glendale Jul 5, 2012

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